General Information

2012 General Conference of the
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Charlotte Convention Center

July 18-24, 2012
Charlotte, North Carolina

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The General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is the supreme ruling law-making body of the church while in session. Only the General Conference can change legislation once adopted by it in regular or special session.

It is composed of the Bishops, as ex-officio presidents, according to the rank of election, and an equal number of ministerial and lay delegates, elected by each of the Annual Conferences of which they are members. The General Conference meets quadrennially (every four years), but may have extra sessions in certain emergencies.

The business of the General Conference is to hear reports from the Bishops, General Officers as to their labors during the quadrennial, revise and amend the rules when necessary for the general interest of the Connection, set off annual conferences, ratify or reverse the decision of the lower court and to elect Bishops and General Officers where vacancies exist.

Reviewing its work during the past quadrennial, the church, through the General Conference and the Board of Bishops, speaks out on the issues facing the church, nation and the world and sets its course for the next quadrennial.